Tabatha Jordan

my big boobs! Birthdate: May 17th
Measurements: 40/23/34
Height: 5'1''                   Weight: 100 lbs.
Bra size: 34 DDD         Dress Size: One
Education: Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Med
Career: Unemployed
(former feature dancer and busty model 'Haley Hills')
Magazines: Score, Busty Beauties, D Cup
Loves: Music, children, the beach
Hates: Fakes, hypocrites, politicians
Preference: I prefer men, but have enjoyed women occasionally
Meaning of life: My beautiful little boy
Hi! I'm Tabatha Jordan. I used to be a feature dancer and cover model under the name Haley Hills. I've been in a couple of magazine spreads in Score, Busty Beauties and D Cup. I even did a couple porno movies when I was younger. Well, I got fed up with the assholes in the porn industry and I'm now off on my own trying my hand on the internet.
I'm 5'1'' and 100 lbs. I've got blue eyes, short light brown hair and 34 DDD boobies (even though I only wear a size one dress) !! I'm an exhibitionist at heart and have always been open sexually. Yes, I mostly did enjoy the sex on the set of the porno flicks! I first had sex with another woman for an amateur porn company in Florida and although I still prefer men, the experience definately turned me on and I've been with a few women since in my private life. I'm now married and have a beautiful little boy who is the pride of my life. Sexually, I'm still very active. My husband and I have a great sex life and we are pretty open with our relationship. We don't consider ourselves swingers, but we have had a couple 'encounters' with other women and another couple.
Hopefully this site will give you a better look into my 'real' life than I was ever able to do before. I'm having fun taking all kinds of pictures and I'm considering taking requests from members for some more risque shoots. I'm also working on digging up as much of my old promo pics and magazine spread shots as I can find and I'll post anything that I come up with in my Tabatha Jordan Fan Club.
Hugs -- Tabatha